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WELL by Lisa Asbell is your total access to Lisa, her coaching, #teamTLC and more! If you're serious about making your Total Lifestyle Change and being well - well with your body, mind & soul - this is the place to beYour subscription to WELL provides everything you need, including:

  1. Exclusive content from Lisa only found on WELL.

  2. Monthly #LisaLessons with weekly live sessions.

  3. Live streams with Lisa found only on WELL.

  4. Organized video library of Lisa's coaching sessions.

  5. Audio clip library for quick, inspirational coaching.

  6. Access to current and future guides.

  7. Access to #brainpunch tracking browser app.

  8. Social forum to connect with other community members.

  9. Discounts on certain items in Lisa's Loves.

  10. Access to private & highly-engaged #teamTLC Facebook group.

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Give The Gift of WELL

Give the gift of WELL to someone you love this holiday season! WELL is helping so many woman lose the weight and, deeper still, WELL is helping change lives for the better by promoting wellness in people's health, relationships and themselves.

Our 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions are one-time payment so no need to worry about recurring payments. Of course, you can purchase a monthly recurring membership for someone near and dear to you.

How to Give the Gift of WELL

  1. Have the person receiving the gift sign up for an account using the login link at the top of the site.

  2. Once their account has been created, their email verified and they're logged in, come back to this page to purchase a plan.

  3. As the gifter, you can be the one to check out using your payment information. Your loved can now use WELL through their account.

The limited trial is for one week and DOES NOT include access to the following pages: #LisaLessons, Video Library, #teamTLC Talks, Community or #teamTLC Group. The $59 monthly plan automatically renews every 30 days until cancelled. 3, 6 and 12 month plans are valid only for that amount of time. At the end of those plans, you will need to purchase a plan again. Select a plan to see more details.

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