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Apparel & Merch Store

Our store is open! We now have apparel and merchandise for that sale that represents Lisa's style and showcases #teamTLC, WELL and #brainpunch!


From shirts to mugs to hoodies, we've created a varied selection so you too can find something that matches your style and let's the world know you are part of this amazing community! We hope you like it!


WELL by Lisa Supplements


The supplements are in! We've been working hard to provide you with only the highest quality products to help you on your wellness journey. These unique dietary and botanical supplements are normally made available only to doctors and professional health providers but we've been able to secure these for you!


We have delicious meal replacement shakes, a complete multivitamin, powerful herbal formulas and more. Add them to your cart or click on the image to learn more, including pics of the nutritional information and ingredients list. Access your cart using the icon at the top of the page. 

If you're subscribed to WELL, visit the WELL Discounts page for an exclusive discount!