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I'm ready to start taking pre-orders for the #teamTLC t-shirt and headband combo pack! We're currently waiting for headbands, finalizing shipping details, and orders should be shipping out in 3-4 weeks.


We're taking the time to package things up right and we hope you'll like it! There are limited supplies for each size and pre-ordering now guarantees your shirt and headband when we're ready to ship.

Click on the image or button to order. I can't WAIT to see you in your #teamTLC gear!

What Lisa Buys

I'm always getting asked about my look, clothes, what books I recommend, and more! So I decided to put the items you ask about here in case you want to get any for yourself.


You don't need to buy any of this to make your Total Lifestyle Change or have me be your cheerleader. But if you want to partake in things that I like, while supporting my cause (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases), these are here for you!

Brain Over Binge by Katheryn Hansen has helped me tremendously on my journey and I recommend it to everyone.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (business mentor) is about creating good habits by making tiny changes over a period of time.

I love these glasses! They're the ones you see me wearing all the time. They're high-quality and have a cool look to them.

For all of you that have asked about my nails, this is the hardener I use!

Part of rewiring your brain is building new, healthy habits and leaving behind undesirable ones. Atomic Habits by James Clear lays down the path on building healthy habits. 

These are some of the headbands you see me wearing all the time! They're soft and and do a great job of keeping my hair up.

Here's another kind of headband I wear. I love these because of all the fun and funky design options!

This is the daily food and fitness planner I use that helps keep me on track! It's easy to use & the quality is top-notch.

These are another kind of headbands I wear. Like the others, they're super comfortable and have tons of different designs.

This is the Apple Watch I personally own. I use it to track my steps, runs, cycling and more!

A more cost-effective personal tracking device is the Fitbit. This one should work to help track your fitness activity!

Built Bars are one of my favorite snacks because they're high in protein, low in carbs, made with quality ingredients, and actually TASTE GOOD!

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Discount are automatically applied if you use the links above but if you don't use the links, you can use my code "LisaA10" to get 10% off your order. If Built Bar is currently running a deal that's better, it will replace my discount so you'll always get the best deal.

I love the Smart Baking Company and their delicious Smartcakes because they're gluten-free, wheat-free, low-carb, sugar-free, non-GMO and diabetic & keto friendly. They also make Smartbuns for hamburgers and muffins!

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