What I Value

Honesty and being a truth-teller. I am real. I am direct, a straight shooter and don't believe in blowing smoke or telling people what they want to hear. Not everybody appreciates it, but that's OK! I'm still smiling.

Appreciation and love for my family, friends and those going through the weight struggle. I love my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my mama, my siblings, my many, many cousins, my friends, and you. These are the people that cheered me on and gave me the strength to fight!

Humbleness from seeing where I was and where I am. I still have to pinch myself to believe that all the years of reading, praying, believing and research finally CAME TOGETHER for me to lose 100+ pounds.

Helping others and being their cheerleader! I have a natural desire to help people which is why I'm a Registered Nurse. I enjoy teaching and like many nurses do, I have a basic nutrition knowledge and can help you eat for weight-loss without dieting.


I was a morbidly obese woman for almost 30 years and now listen to what my body NEEDS. I can help you figure out your unique needs too!

I have known my ENTIRE life that I was meant to help others. I knew my life would be spent cheering and leading. I get excited about sharing all the things I have learned from all those years of being heavy.


I am no expert on skinny but I'm pretty smart about obesity. That's what I want to share: Things I have learned. But I am no doctor, so please click here to read my disclaimer.

Who is Lisa?

I am a married, southern gal in my 50's who's also a mother of three AND grandmother of three! I am a nurse turned business woman and I'm constantly reinventing myself. I am a daredevil, a risk-taker, and I ain't afraid to fail! I'm funny, love people and dogs, and am loyal to the end. I have a great love for people and my calling is to CHEER and LEAD those fighting the battle against weight!


Back in September 2019. I was so sick of lying to myself that it was OK to be 100+ pounds overweight and that everything was "just fine because my blood work is good." It was then I decided to make a Total Lifestyle Change, a TLC, one food choice at a time.


I told myself I doing this my way. That meant NOT eat anything I didn't like and not giving up "bad" foods like sugar. The first day turned into the second day and the second day turned into the next couple hundred days. The result? Over 100 pounds were GONE and I am a totally new person.


Doing it my way worked and that's what I want to share with you. It doesn't matter what plan you use, just have one. It doesn't matter what community you plug into, just have one. You don't have to have all the answers, just have a cheerleader like me who's gone through it!  I've tied together ALL the pieces I've learned to to create my TLC Master Plan and I believe it can deliver results for you too.  I truly believe that!

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