#teamTLC Success Stories

I'm so incredibly grateful for all my supporters and I'm the happiest when I see the Total Lifestyle Change  #teamTLC members are making. Listen and read from others just like you who are changing their habits and living a healthier life!


No one before had said to me to wait until your stomach tells you that you're hungry - until you. That has made a HUGE difference. My self-esteem is returning and I feel fabulous. Lisa, you have been put in my life at the right time.


I have tried every diet and wasted so much time, money, and disappointment over the years. Lisa, you have given me so much information and so many resources to change my brain. This is my #teamTLC and I am forever grateful!


Lisa's encouragement is golden! She has taught me that it's not just about weight loss and the scale. It's also about seeing the "other side" and believing in myself. Her positive, caring attitude inspires me every day to keep going!


Thank you so much for being a real person. I look forward to your daily tasks - especially the "tough love' parts where you remind me to be accountable for my own actions. Being overweight has been a struggle my whole life. I am really trying to look at things with a new mindset - one where I am in control and focus on making better choices for a better me. Lisa, I need you to know that so many people are being helped by your raw, truthful approach to weight-loss!


I stumbled upon on one of your posts on a Weight Watchers support group. I was so intrigued by your before and after and found your website. I'm starting my journey again but this time, because of you, I have the confidence to do this!! My whole problem is giving into my urges. I'm finding the strength to no listen to those urges. I'm a big believer in that everything happens for a reason and I believe I found you at exactly the right time. You have a follower for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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