What is TLC?

TLC is a commitment. It is a commitment to yourself, your health and your well-being. It is you saying you've had enough of being overweight and you're finally ready to make a Total Lifestyle Change!

I know why you want to lose the weight. I know you're looking for something that works. I also know now is the time for your TLC. I know all this because I've been where you're at and am still not done with my journey!


But don't get me wrong. TLC is not about losing weight so you look better at a wedding, prom, bridal shower, or high school reunions. It goes beyond that. TLC is about making the changes to your lifestyle so you can LIVE each and every day.


Take a piece of paper and list our your reasons you need TLC. The first step is knowing why you're doing this. The next step is to connect with me on Facebook for daily inspiration and get started by joining WELL by Lisa Asbell!

4 Principles of TLC



This is #1 because without belief in yourself, it's hard to sustain any long-term success. You have everything you need to succeed and I know you can do it! It all starts with believing you can and having someone that believes you can too. I've met thousands of women over the years and EACH one is capable of doing my TLC plan.

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Synapse Work

Next, you need to retrain your brain to break the negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings and bad eating habits. You need to learn that urges are meaningless and you CAN get past them! We'll work together to train your brain until you become a thin eater.

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You need a plan. Period. Weight Watchers was my choice and I loved it. It fit my lifestyle and I didn't have to eliminate any food. This is the plan that worked for me and you'll reach your goals by finding the plan that works for YOU! I can help you choose it.


For a TLC to work, you're going to need ongoing support the rest of your life! That support is going to come from yourself, those closest to you, and me & my community. Remember, I am your cheerleader and you'll end up being one for others that start their own TLC journey.

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