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About Lisa

I'm a gentle spirit from the South with a big mouth and a bigger heart! I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, business woman, and daredevil but my biggest challenge has been my weight.


After being sick of losing the weight war, I decided to focus on changing my life around and within 8 months, I lost more than 100 pounds! 


I'm still on my weight-loss journey and have connected with so many other women that are struggling with their weight. I've known my entire life that my purpose is to help others and now I know how.




My purpose is to be a beacon of light in your weight-loss journey. It all starts with belief -- believing that you can and will lose the weight once and for all. And I'll be the cheerleader that believes in you so much, you'll believe in yourself! 


If you're struggling with being overweight, I'm here to help you believe in yourself, rewire your brain, take action, and get the support you need to lose the weight, keep it off and be healthy! 

It's all about making the commitment to TLC - a Total Lifestyle Change. From my own journey, I've created the 4 principles of the TLC Master Plan: Self-believe, Synapse Work, Strategy & Support.

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WELL includes my coaching, monthly #lisalessons, video & audio library, a community and so much more! WELL will make you more determined to lose the weight, smarter about what you eat, and stronger than when you came in!


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